Heyday Has Proven Itself As An Explosive And Successful Skincare Franchise — Here’s Why The Model Works

October 3, 2022

The brand has established new norms within the industry, allowing the franchise to pursue a fast-paced, national expansion unlike any other. Now, it’s answering some frequently asked questions from prospective owners and clients alike. 

The membership-based skincare model is revolutionizing the industry and it’s one that Heyday, the fast-growing skincare franchise, seems to be perfecting. Just as people will visit dentists or doctors for routine visits and checkups, the brand is shaping its presence in skincare around the same values.

To date, more than 50% of Heyday’s customers are monthly members. This foundation of customer loyalty plays a key role in the brand’s plans for continued national expansion and predictable revenue while simultaneously establishing its presence within the growing industry. 

Below are a collection of frequently asked questions posed by prospective franchisees. 

How does Heyday differ from other facial service brands?

Unlike spas and other large-scale skincare brands, Heyday takes a personalized approach to skincare and works to treat the specific needs of each client. All clients have a personalized consultation with a Heyday skin therapist which allows their exact needs, trouble spots or concerns to be addressed. Before their facial ends, the skin therapist will recommend products and an updated routine to help customers meet their skin goals. 

How is Heyday able to stay ahead in the industry? 

Heyday’s skin therapists receive ongoing training and education to stay on top of consumer trends, cutting-edge treatments, new products, and other pertinent details about the skincare industry that allows them to better care for clients. This training, paired with the flexibility that Heyday skin therapists receive, allows the brand to retain qualified and highly skilled experts. Heyday offers an exciting and engaging workplace that skin therapists are eager to be a part of, which ultimately leads to a comprehensive and personalized facial experience for clients. 

For Heyday, staying on top of the industry has meant growing the brand in new markets across the country, proving that the model resonates with clients in urban and suburban areas alike. With continual growth on the horizon, Heyday is proving that skincare should not be limited to an annual trip to the spa, rather, it should be an affordable practice that becomes a simple and convenient piece of a well-rounded wellness routine. 

How is Heyday’s leadership team qualified to take the brand to the next level?

Heyday boasts a well-rounded and experienced leadership team that has proven successful in scaling other nationally recognized brands within the health, wellness, and franchise industries. 

Arielle Mortimer, Heyday’s chief operating officer comes from an e-commerce background and is very experienced in building processes and building teams. Prior to Heyday she worked with companies like Groupon and Jet.com, with her most recent role being at Kindbody.

Kate Carroll, Heyday’s vice president of franchise operations, spent nearly years with Dunkin’ Brands. While there she helped standardize and develop the Dunkin’ way of doing business and helped the brand scale franchise growth. 

Heyday’s corporate and training teams offer comprehensive support for first-time franchisees and experienced business owners alike. Working from a proven-successful franchise model, franchisees can be confident in the training and assistance they will receive from signing to opening day, in addition to ongoing support throughout the entire ownership process, allowing them to run and scale their business with confidence. 

Why do skin therapists choose to stay at Heyday?

Heyday’s laser-focus on high-quality facials means that the brand is able to offer personalized services to every client, showcasing the brand’s expertise in one specific service. This approach has attracted skin experts who are passionate about skincare and performing facials that serve the exact needs of Heyday clients, rather than taking on a wide array of specialties and services that spas often require. As a result, general turnover for estheticians within the industry sits between 35-50%, while Heyday boasts much higher retention among its skincare therapists and a turnover rate of 15%, one that is noticeably lower than the industry average.

Additionally, unlike other brands, Heyday provides its skin therapists with the space and creativity to craft a bespoke skincare experience customized to a client’s individual goals. Only top-quality products are used at Heyday for both the retail section and back bar products, which are products that skin therapists use during a treatment. This approach immediately frees the skin therapists from strict brand-dictated protocols and instead gives them the ability to use their knowledge of the products and cater them to the clients’ specific needs. 

What are the steps to becoming a Heyday franchisee? 

Heyday is currently looking for eager and qualified franchise candidates in markets across the country. Heyday follows a detailed mutual evaluation process where franchisees develop insights on the industry as well as the brand itself. This process further pinpoints available territories for the franchise to expand and is capped with a two-day experience at the brand’s New York City headquarters, where a full outline of business procedures is mapped out. This system ensures the brand grows with franchisees who share its missions and goals.

Heyday’s startup costs range between $768,300 to $1,012,300, depending on which market the store is located. Other factors like design, configuration and labor costs will also impact the total investment. Click here to see the full cost breakdown.

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