Why Heyday's Skincare Treatments Are The Best In The Industry

October 3, 2022

The personalized beauty franchise is changing the industry for the better by providing quality, affordable products that really work.

Heyday understands that every face, like every person, is unique and, as such, requires personalized products and treatment to appropriately meet the needs of each client. That’s why the fast-growing skincare company focused exclusively on making facials more accessible, allows its skincare therapists to treat every customer’s face like the original work of art it is, not some paint-by-numbers copy. 

That personalized approach begins with thoughtful product selection, from the products sold in-store and online to the ones used by Heyday estheticians. Instead of limiting estheticians to one or two skincare product lines to use on all clients — the way a spa does — Heyday allows its skincare therapists to choose from a curated assortment of best-in-its-category products.

“Our goal is to ensure that clients get the best product available for their specific skincare needs,” said Adam Ross, Heyday CEO and co-founder. “By giving our estheticians the ability to use the products that they know and trust, we are able to put the needs of the client first, thereby offering a personalized experience to clients during each visit.”  

A Curated Approach to Skincare Products 

Unlike other brands, Heyday provides its skincare specialists with the space and creativity to craft a bespoke skincare experience customized to a client’s individual goals.

“We almost never bring in an entire line of products. Instead, we bring in what we have determined to be the ‘hero products’ of a line,” said Shea Amiruddin, Heyday’s director of skincare education. “Not only are we very ingredient-focused, but we’re also very specific about what brands we bring into both our retail selection and the back bar products, which are the products our estheticians use during a treatment.”

This approach frees the esthetician from strict brand-dictated protocols and instead gives them the ability to use their knowledge of the products and cater them to the clients’ specific needs. “It gives the esthetician the opportunity to really shine by educating their clients about what their skincare needs are.”

Knowledge That’s More Than Skin Deep 

From the moment the client fills out a questionnaire on an iPad that also has their product purchase history, the esthetician gets a complete picture of the client’s skincare routine. During the facial process, the esthetician also has the opportunity to learn about the client’s skincare goals and listen to what has and has not worked in the past in order to help develop an appropriate and effective skincare regime moving forward.

And let’s face it: Everyone could use a little guidance. With the overwhelming amount of skin products available, each with their own miracle claims and confusing marketing hype, it’s hard to know which exfoliator, lotion, serum and toner are right for your own skin. 

“It’s very common in the industry to use terms like ‘clean’ and ‘chemical-free,’ but those are just marketing terms. They’re just a way to sell products,” Amiruddin said. “The one thing we are really proud of at Heyday is that we sift through the ingredient lists on our products. That is to help our clients really understand the key ingredients and their specific benefits.”

Additionally, having a range of skincare products available allows customers to use products in a price range that is most comfortable for them. “We want to offer products that are accessible to everyone. It's not just your luxury or budget-friendly product lines,” said Amiruddin. “So we have products that are as low as $15 and up to nearly $200.”

Heyday’s startup costs range between $768,300 to $1,012,300, depending on which market the store is located. Other factors like design, configuration and labor costs will also impact the total investment. Click here to see the full cost breakdown.

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