Yahoo! Finance: Level 5 Capital Partners Managing Partner And Heyday CEO & Co-Founder Discuss Heyday’s Expansion Plans

October 3, 2022

Heyday CEO Adam Ross reveals how the company will utilize its $20M Series B round of funding to expand the brand nationally.

Heyday, a fast-growing skincare company on a mission to provide expert skincare, was recently featured on Yahoo! Finance. Level 5 Capital Partners Managing Partner Chris Kenny and Heyday CEO Adam Ross spoke with reporter Alexis Christoforous about the projected outlook on the skincare industry and Heyday’s plans for expansion.

Kenny expressed he was drawn to the brand because it was clear there was a national opportunity to make people's lives better by giving them a more convenient avenue to get high-quality skincare. As a result of the partnership, Heyday will be opening 40 new stores.

“We think there is north of 500 stores that Heyday can open nationally,” said Kenny, “And those 40 stores will be in the DC area, LA, likely Atlanta, and we'll evaluate Texas.”

Additionally, Ross touched on how unexpectedly difficult this past year has been on business and how it has ultimately allowed for the brand to have a more successful future by encouraging him to be more strategic when planning out the product roadmap.

“Clients are coming back, and they're spending more,” stated Ross. “They're having a great experience, and they're rebooking at rates that we've never seen pre-pandemic.

To view the entire interview, click here.

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